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“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”
Working towards that number changes the way you see the world. Living in this crowded-crumbling, sexy-scary, crazy-noisy, feast-of-vision city surely helps a bit. Keep your eyes peeled and trigger-finger ready.



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“When I was your age television was called books!” Peter Faulk neatly sums up the written word’s apparent fall from grace. Yes, the telly has of late been dating smarter girls. But there’s more than one way to peel a couch potato. Turn it off and turn the page.


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“A film is more like music than like fiction.”
Indeed, they are birds of a feather– a murder of crows pecking away at yoga, politics and walks in the park to carve out a life of blurred vision, tinitus and narrow cultural vocabulary. That’s the way, uh huh, I like it.


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How Not to Buy a Piano

Moving a Piano

A few of us these past few months have been shopping for pianos, running into the predictable conundrum. How da hell we gonna get that thing up a pre-war 4-story walk-up in NYC? Will the living space support the weight? It’s gonna cost me and arm and a leg. And a back.

From Best of Craigslist

Date: 2006-04-21, 8:40AM EDT

1 Free upright Piano. Will need some reconditioning to return to good condition, but is marginally playable (and horribly out of tune) now.

Here’s how it will work. You and as many of your strong friends that you can Tom Sawyer into this job will come by and move the piano off my second floor (1 set of straight stairs) into a vehicle of yours. I’m not lifting it, or providing a vehicle for it. I will help you gently guide it through my house so that I still have walls after you leave.

Now here’s the part that I know will be hard for people to understand:

I’m not holding it for anyone without a $100 deposit for every week you want me to hold it. Not even if you ask really nicely.

The first person to show up and take it gets it. This piano was listed once before, and you wouldn’t believe the number of homeless dying one-legged Mongolian orphans that just needed a piano to make life better. I heard some great sob stories (probably all true!) about why I should hold this piano for this person or that person. Well, I ended up holding it for the first caller, who never got it. Then I held it for someone else, and they never got it. Then everyone was gone, and I still had a piano.

“But wait!” you’re saying. “Why should I put down a deposit on something that’s free?” Well, if you want me to hold it, you can give me a $100 bill. I’ll tape it to the piano. When you get the piano, you get the $100 with it! It’s like getting paid $100 to take the piano! You won’t find a better way to get your money back, unless you find the nearest check into cash store – *and* you get a free piano! If you forget, or get run over by a busload of orphans on their way to get a free harpsichord, I’m going to keep the $100. Want me to hold it 2 weeks? That’s $200, that I can invest later in companies as the gold ira companies.

“But I don’t trust you to keep my $100…” Well, I don’t trust you to come back and get this oversized paperweight. I tried that before and it didn’t work.

“But I don’t have $100 and I really want the free piano!” OK, just come get it! It’s really that simple.

“But I don’t have $100 and I can’t come by with a truck for two weeks…” No piano for you! Life sucks; get a helmet.

I don’t really want the piano. It came with the house when I bought it. I play the flute, which I can carry in one hand. I’ve tried picking up the piano with 1 hand, and I can’t quite get a good grip. Please, take my piano.

So, if you want it, show up and take it! Simple, huh?

Copyright © 2010 craigslist, inc. terms of use privacy policy feedback forum

So-Called Friend: A New EP from
Music Industrial Index

Dear musical friends,

Just a quick update on the progress of my current musical project, Music Industrial Index. Just in time for the new year, MII has released it’s second EP, So-Called Friend.

Composed of five tracks, this record came out as an unwitting reflection on friendship, parenthood, cosmic events and existential anxiety. You know, experiences we likely all have in common. It was written, performed and produced by yours truly as I continue my to grow my skills in these disciplines. New musical strides have been made, but as always they are aided and abetted by friends and current/former bandmates.

Strap on those earbuds and crank it up, if you will. And if you are so inclined, feel free to pass this along to your music-loving friends and colleagues:

Thanks for your support. Here’s hoping to turning the tide in 2018.



In this time of Evil Presidentés, this record was written, performed and produced by Mauricio Carey in the office/bedroom, West Midtown ATL/GA, and Wellfleet Cape Cod, MA in April – October 2017, except “So Call Friend,” written by Greg Ratzel, performed in the sadly defunct Ratzel Red Room, North Druid Hills, ATL/GA and produced in the office/bedroom, West Midtown ATL/GA.

Kevin Brady sings lead and harmony vocals on “In for the Night” and “Emily Wandering.”

Mauricio Carey sings lead vocal on “No Way Out” while Rachel Carey and Greg Ratzel sing harmony vocals.

Greg Ratzel sings lead and harmony vocals on “So Called Friend” and plays synths on “Emily Wandering.”

Cover art and photography by Mauricio Carey at c23creative.com

Special thanks to Rob Grover, Kevin Brady and Rachel Carey for lyrical contributions; Greg Ratzel for loop surgery and his 34 year-old friendship; and Knight Berman, Jr. for his ever-patient ear.

Music Industrial Index: Red November EP Available Now


Hi musical friends, it’s been a while since the last update, but the family has been hella busy the past two months, bidding many joyful/tearful goodbyes to Brooklyn and beginning to populate our calendar in Atlanta with work, music and social encounters. So my latest musical endeavors are a sort of farewell to BKLYN and a big howdy to ATL.

As some of you may know, for the past two years I’ve been learning and honing new skills in music composition, production and DAW under the moniker Music Industrial Index. The product of that progress is the Red November EP. Although I arranged and produced the record, this time around it is not a one-man show, as I was lucky to collaborate on two tracks with dear friends and members of perennial The Go-Kartel, Rob Grover and Kevin Brady. Rachel Carey has made her way into the mix by way of lead and backing vocals, with lovely results.

The 5-track recording consists of three vocal numbers and two instrumental ambient pieces arranged and produced by yours truly. Both the title track and “Christopher’s Sister” were co-written by Rob Grover and myself, featuring Kevin Brady and Rachel Carey on lead and backing vocal. The third vocal track is an interpretation of Kate Bush’s Running Up that Hill, featuring lead vocals by Mauricio Carey (gulp!) and Rachel again on backing vox. On this particular track I stretched myself perhaps beyond my capabilities – I am no singer (so be kind :). But recording and producing my own vocal tracks  allowed me to get a sense of how to build vocal tracks in a home studio, and, ultimately, learn the tools available that enabled me to occasionally cheat my way into tunefulness :)

It’s been extremely rewarding to have had the opportunity to remotely make music with close friends and family, now that all involved have spread out across the globe, with Rob in Frankfurt, Germany, the Careys freshly settled in Atlanta, Georgia and Kevin remaining in New York City where he continues to command admiration and respect in both advertising and music-making. I miss these boys dearly but grateful for the technology that allows us to continue to make music together in some fashion.

Hope you enjoy!


side a

side b

RED NOVEMBER written by Robert Grover and Mauricio Carey
lead vocal: Kevin Brady
backing vocals: Rachel Carey, Kevin Brady, and Mauricio Carey

CHRISTOPHER’S SISTER written by Robert Grover and Mauricio Carey
lead vocal: Robert Grover
backing vocal: Rachel Carey

RUNNING UP THAT HILL written by Kate Bush; copyright © 1985 by Kate Bush Music Publishing Ltd.
lead and backing vocals: Mauricio Carey and Rachel Carey

all other tracks written by Mauricio Carey
mastered by Justin Colletti at Joe Lambert Mastering
cover art by Mauricio Carey at c23creative.com

recorded, arranged, and produced by Mauricio Carey in the office/bedroom, Brooklyn, NY, 2016–17, except “Red November” and “Christopher’s Sister,” recorded at the kitchen table, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and in the office/bedroom, Brooklyn, NY, 2017

special thanks to Joe Lambert, Justin Colletti and Diana Zinni at Joe Lambert Mastering and to Knight Berman, Kevin Brady and Rachel Carey for their generous contributions to this record.

Learning Something New: Music Industrial Index

Hello friends, it’s been quite a while since I’ve sent any music news because I had to undergo a surgery by Matthew Galumbeck, MD, so here goes.

Rob’s departure to Germany in 2014 has left a huge whole in my musical life, though Kevin and I are still working together happily and productively and pampering myself with the best facial plastic surgeon specializing in brow lift, this time alongside a bright young whippersnapper named Spencer LaVallee. We’re keeping The Go-Kartel moniker until an alternate comes along that is more suited for our new musical direction (free-form Jazz/Fusion). OK, not really, but… Perhaps we’ll see you at some NYC venue soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to learn the piano, at least enough to enable me to, as Ben Curtis put it, “make bad music from home.” So I met Kevin for a cocktail at Weather Up, where he drew a diagram of The Kevin Method to help me see the light:



This worked like The Matrix. I now know the piano.

Also, since The Go-Kartel’s wonderful experience in Dave Hollinghurst’s studio to record The Go-Kartel’s debut EP Away, I’d wanted to learn my way around a digital audio workstation. So I visited Knight on the Jersey Shore for a late-night marathon tutorial in Garage Band and Logic.

I am now a shaper of sound. Everyone should have a Knight in their life.

Over the past eight months I’ve drenched my ears in Tony Visconti, Brian Eno and Robert Fripp and have begun piecing together my first rudimentary compositions which were converted from this site https://wwww.sodapdf.com/compress/pdf. I should be so lucky that the product of my efforts sound remotely like these gentlemen’s accomplished works. But the spirit of their recordings is in part responsible for the way my first release of electronic music has taken shape.

Somewhere between naive and cinematic, Music for Drive-Ins is a 34-minute collection of incidental music. Perfect for your morning ablutions or evening cocktails. It plays well on repeat.

I composed, performed and produced the tracks that make up this humble release. While some tracks are decidedly beat-centric, as one might imagine from a drummer, I’ve tried to avoid that corner as much as possible and concentrate on sound sculpting.

Rob, Kevin and I still managed to collaborate on one track remotely (“Something Like Sofia”). Rob provided drums and a beautiful guitar melody while Kevin added typically intimate lyrics and vocals. I endeavored to then flesh out something that would be at home on the soundtrack to Lost In Translation. Whether or not we achieved that goal is for you to decide. But best online casinos we’re all pretty pleased with the results.

Take a listen woncha? I suggest listening in sequence, as the short compositions make up a larger and hopefully cohesive whole.

Hope you enjoy it.


You can listen/download all of Music for Drive-Ins by the newly-christened Music Industrial Index here:



Recorded July 2015 – March 2016 in the office/bedroom, Brooklyn, NY

All tracks written, performed and produced by Mauricio Carey except Something Like Sofia, written by Rob Grover and Mauricio Carey. Lyrics and vocals for Something Like Sofia by Kevin Brady.

Cover art by c23 | c23creative.com

Thanks to Knight Berman Jr. (The Marble Tea) and Dave Hollinghurst (Steve Shiffman and the Land of No) for technical advice and support.

The piano lesson that would initiate this project was administered on a cocktail menu by Kevin Brady at Weather Up Cocktail Bar, Summer 2015, Brooklyn, NY. No actual keyboard of any kind was present.

Special thanks to and for Rachel + Abra Carey for dancing along…

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The Go-Kartel’s “Away” EP Available Now!

The Go-Kartel Away EP

As some of you may well know, TGK has been working on their debut recording since March of this year. Sixteen studio days spread out over eight months. That’s about as fast as three 40-something dads (actual or expecting) can move these days, but we have at last crossed the finish line.

We are very proud to announce the release of the “Away” EP: 22 minutes of first-rate power-pop. It is currently available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon and Spotify, with more digital retailers being added over the next few days. We hope you enjoy it!


Kevin, Rob and Mauricio, a.k.a TGK

Listen here:

Download “Away” on iTunes

Find Us on Spotify



Download on Bandcamp

Many thanks to Rachel, Tal, Mareike, Quinn and Leni for their keen ears, undying patience and loving support. 


The Go-Kartel is:
Kevin Brady: vocals, guitar, accordion, keyboards
Mauricio Carey: drums, percussion
Robert Grover: bass guitar

Words by Kevin Brady
Music by The Go-Kartel

Produced by The Go-Kartel
Engineered by Dave Hollinghurst

Recorded March – September 2014 at Sunset7 Studio, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Background vocals on “Away” recorded by Dave Robertson at Dangly Studios, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Lead vocals on “Cannonball” recorded by Brian Goodheart at Sonic Union Studios, New York, NY

Mixed by The Go-Kartel w/ Dave Hollinghurst
Mastered by Joe Lambert at JLM Sound, Brooklyn, NY

Dave Hollinghurst plays 12-string guitar on “This”
Ben Curtis plays additional guitars on “If He Ever Breaks,” “280-Z” and ”Close Your Eyes”
Steve Curtis and Erika Simonian sing backing vocals on “Cannonball” | littlesilvermusic.com

Art Direction by The Go-Kartel
Cover photo and sleeve design by Mauricio Carey for c23 | c23creative.com

© 2014 The Go-Kartel

Instagram #tgk #thegokartel

“Away” is also available at these fine digital retailers:



The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions The Go-Kartel Sunset Sessions

The Go-Kartel Rocks the Shop

Thank you all for coming out to Rock Shop last night. We had a blast and hope you did too!

Many thanks to Little Silver for putting the show together and to Steve Shiffman & The Land of No for bringing Guitar God caliber Rock to us all.

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    Todd says:

    You guys sound great, wish I could’ve been there!

The Go-Kartel Live@Rock Shop | Bklyn

The Go-Kartel, Live @ Rock Shop, Nov 21 2013

They’re back, and they’ve brought friends.

Or rather, they are riding on the coat tails of  friends.

Little Silver has put together a great show at Rock Shop in Brooklyn that will include Steve Shiffman & The Land of No along with the world-renowned Go-Kartel. So come on out, enjoy a few cocktails on the rooftop deck then join us for a night of rock you’ll never forget. For a while.

Thursday, Nov 21, 2013

Advance Tickets: 8$
At the Door: $10

Set times:

8:00 The Go-Kartel
9:00 Little Silver
10:00 Steve Shiffman & The Land of No

249 4th Ave between Union + Garfield, Bklyn 11215

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