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“what’s past is prologue”—Bill Shakespeare, The Tempest

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  1. 12.27.2009 | 5:23 AM EDT

    On The Road Again: The National 2009 I had the priviledge of traveling with The National on their summer 2009 tour supporting some band called R.E.M. I guess they were pretty good, but the National lads brought it with typical grace and vengeance.

  2. 12.27.2009 | 4:23 AM EDT

    Marble Tea + Maunet:
    The Marble Sleeve Covers
    We all know and love Sir Knight Berman’s prolific charm as a pop craftsman. Ok maybe not all of you, so pay attention… If Calvin & Hobbes hosted a tea party for Truman Capote, J.D. Salinger, Richard Brautigan, Willy Wonka, Stephin Merritt, The Jazz Butcher and Sir Lawrence of Felt, they’d likely sip just enough…

  3. 12.23.2009 | 4:23 AM EDT

    Ancestor of Oughts:
    Best (old) Music of the Decade
    Everybody’s got ‘em, present company obviously included. Lists and lists of the best of this and that to help mark the passing of another 10 crazy years. But the Ought’s ancestors called, and they want their jaggy guitars, compressed drum tracks, cheesy keyboard sounds and whispery vocals back. So, here’s to those records w...

  4. 12.21.2009 | 4:23 AM EDT

    Best of the Decade: Music This is not Pitchfork. (Ok, obviously not, but stay with me). It’s a grand organization, to be sure. Those talented young boys from Chicago have given me much to love, laugh and barf about. Their opinionated slant, overwrought prose and sharp fashion sense serve as inspiration and anathema to the spirit of this little forum. That…

  5. 12.20.2009 | 4:23 AM EDT

    Best of the Decade: Books Ok, so this is not a list of the best books published in the past decade… simply those I happened to read and enjoy most between 2000-2009. Not too many big surprises here for many of you, but a few are buried or ignored little gems. Some already have their own posts here, others will follow…

  6. 12.19.2009 | 4:23 AM EDT

    Best of the Decade: Films I can’t pretend that this is some erudite, New Yorker-style list of the decade’s very best films. Far from it. This is simply a list of the movies I most enjoyed this past decade. Some truly are great films. Some are guilty pleasures that I found myself watching and re-watching despite, or perhaps due to, their…

  7. 12.19.2009 | 4:23 AM EDT

    Penned In, Pent Up + Put-Out:
    Sidney Lumet’s 12 Angry Men
    At 83 years of age, the infallible Sidney Lumet wielded the newest HD technology to make 2007′s Before the Devil Knows Your Dead, a disturbing hell-ride that keeps furious pace next to other dark classics, Happiness, The Grifters and Requiem for a Dream. A sort of Cane and Abel story, this boiler room drama mines…

  8. 12.18.2009 | 6:23 AM EDT

    Paris 2009 In between London and Berlin, while on The National Brokeback Mountain Tour. Lovely town. Certain gens were real dicks to us though, despite our sincere, if not broken, attempts to speak the language. It was the Bush years, I guess we’ll for give them.

  9. 12.18.2009 | 4:23 AM EDT

    Photog: Berlin 2007 Among Kyoto and Tokyo lies Berlin as a favorite in my travels to date. Paris can suck it. Speaking German is easy. Just add Strasse to the end of every English sentence and you can pretty much get by…

  10. 12.18.2009 | 4:23 AM EDT

    Red Rocks, CO 2009 After only seeing it on U2′s 1982 video for Sunday Bloody Sunday, I finally got to witness this amazing venue first hand. Did not disappoint.

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