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“what’s past is prologue”—Bill Shakespeare, The Tempest

/ mar 2010

  1. 03.31.2010 | 2:23 AM EST

    Gone But Not Forgotten: Drummer Dan Anoff
    Passes Much Too Soon
    A past partner in rock n roll crime, distant friend Dan Anoff has left us much too young, dead of an apparent heart attack this Sunday. He was 38. From the early to mid 90′s, Dan Anoff played thundering drums in Engine, a psychedelic favorite of Atlanta’s then-fertile music scene. As label mates on the…

  2. 03.31.2010 | 1:23 AM EST

    Weather Report: Boston Blows Sorry Beantown, but I’ve never been a fan of your environs. Even less when a business meeting demands a 5AM rising for a same-day round-trip train ride from New York. Lesser still when it’s cold and windy and wet as all get-out. More lesser, as you broke my steely will and drove me bumming for…

  3. 03.24.2010 | 12:23 PM EST

    Adolescent Regression: Art by Derek Smalls? iPhone + CameraBag “Instant” | © maunet A wife, a mortgage, credit card debt, tinnitus, back aches, insomnia and hangovers that last for days. These are the signs and trappings of grown-up life. Yet me and my 40-something bandmates can’t stop laughing like Beavis and Butthead at this brilliant piece of Sharpie artwork in our̷...

  4. 03.23.2010 | 8:23 AM EST

    Weather Report: House of Sand + Fog Canon G11 | ISO 200 3.2 secs @ 6mm f 1.8 | © maunet A candy-colored clown they call the sandman finally tiptoed through my bedroom on this gloomy night. Thankfully, Frank Booth and his crew did not make an appearance.  Four nights of insomnia ends here.

  5. 03.22.2010 | 12:23 PM EST

    Windows 7: Apple’s Idea. Shocker! Have you seen these ridiculous adverts for Windows 7? I know us Mac geeks are wont to take any shot we can at our old nemesis, but this one is a slam dunk. Pretty girl in bad British accent revels in the fact that W7 now has a “new task bar…Now I can see everything…

  6. 03.21.2010 | 6:23 PM EST

    Undercover: Don’t be fooled by legit imitations Part 1 of 2 Some things to keep in mind: There’s nothing new under the sun Some ideas are better than others Some ideas’ mothers are bigger than other ideas’ mothers I thought of it first In 1999 I started amassing a hefty collection of cover songs recorded or performed by big-gun artists and fledgling…

  7. 03.17.2010 | 10:23 PM EST

    Big Star Fades to Black: Alex Chilton R.I.P UPDATE: Extremely cool that today on C-Span, during Health Care Bill deliberations, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi granted Tennessee House of Representatives Steve Cohen (D) one minute to pay tribute to “a great friend of mine… from my home town of Memphis.” WATCH IT HERE – Stellar songwriter Alex Chilton is dead at 59, ...

  8. 03.13.2010 | 7:23 PM EST

    Secret Meeting, Pt. 2:
    The National’s High Violet Live
    This is gonna be short ’cause I wanna spend some time thinking about last night’s killer opening act Buke + Gass, (scroll down). The National’s second night at The Bell House treated it’s lucky audience to a tighter, more controlled performance of the band’s forthcoming LP High Violet (in stores May 11). Which is not&#...

  9. 03.13.2010 | 6:23 PM EST

    Beautiful Noise: Brooklyn’s Buke + Gass Describing a creative act as “interesting” is often a polite way of calling it “tedious.” So very not so in the case of last night’s opening act for The National’s repeat performance at The Bell House. Brooklyn’s Buke + Gass prick up your ears to a most unusual and exciting approach to making pop music.R...

  10. 03.12.2010 | 12:23 PM EST

    Secret Meeting Pt.1:
    The National Road Test High Violet
    Poised to release their followup to Boxer, The National gathered a few hundred friends, family and music press last night for the first of an intimate two-night stint at Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn, where they took the entirety of High Violet for a loose, raucous spin around the block. The shows were a tightly…

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