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“what’s past is prologue”—Bill Shakespeare, The Tempest

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  1. 10.27.2010 | 5:23 PM EDT

    Weather Report: She’s A Rainbow iPhone 4G + CameraBag | © maunet.com After hours of Brooklyn rain, a colorful reprieve courtesy of the biggest rainbow I’ve ever seen. A brief glimpse of light in an otherwise dark and stormy month. If only she were here to see it… – She’s a Rainbow

  2. 10.21.2010 | 2:23 PM EDT

    The National New Video:
    Terrible Love Alternate Version
    I hate music videos. I want songs to render visions and narrative of my own divising, not be force-fed pre-conceived stories that are generally artsy pretensions trying too hard to make a point. Not the case in The National’s second video supporting High Violet. Directed and produced by Matt’s brother Tom Berninger, it presents an…...

  3. 10.13.2010 | 4:23 PM EDT

    The Oatmeal: 7 Things You Really
    Don’t Need to Take a Photo Of
    More hilarious insights from The Oatmeal. Though I do take issues on the one above (if I do say so myself, with a little skill you can manage to capture a decent concert shot), the rest are spot-on.

  4. 10.12.2010 | 5:23 PM EDT

    Mick’s Rock, I’m Roll:
    Keith Richards on Planning
    Been revisiting the Stones quite a bit of late. Last month it was early-80′s period in heavy rotation, Tattoo You and Emotional Rescue. This month, with the recent release of a Deluxe Edition of 1972′s Exile on Main Street, I’m obsessed with the record and the archival tracks included on Disk 2. Dare I say, these…

  5. 10.12.2010 | 12:23 PM EDT

    Say Your Prayers:
    Kurt Vile’s God Is Saying This To You
    Kurt Vile’s 2009 God Is Saying This To You offers everything you could want from lo-fi singer-songwriter laments. Imagine a gathering of Bert Jansch, Neil Young and Bon Iver plucking out ghostly strains haunting dark country woods. Drenched in reverb, Vile’s gritty vocals and and well- pruned guitar arrangements seem to come from somew...

  6. 10.11.2010 | 11:23 AM EDT

    Yer Outta Here! Bye-Bye Bobby Cox Art nerd, rocker, slacker, Don Juan, music geek, shutterbug… I’ve been called many things. Rabid sports fan is not one of them. But baseball is one of only two sports close to my heart (tennis eeking out first place in the list). One of the things I love the most is going out for a…

  7. 10.07.2010 | 10:23 PM EDT

    If I Hear the Word “Facebook” One More Time
    I Swear I’m Gonna Beat Someone
    As a designer, web developer and recovering media junkie, I’m both required and inspired to keep up with the Interweb and it’s noisy, bleating spawn. But as I get closer to joining the old-fogey demographic, I’m often left with a cold metallic taste in my mouth at the end of each day spent in front of Photoshop,…

  8. 10.07.2010 | 6:23 PM EDT

    Play It Pretty for Atlanta:
    The National Live @ The Fabulous Fox Theater
    iPhone 4G + CameraBag Flew to my home town last weekend to visit family and friends, and lo and behold, who happens to be playing at one the most historic, stunning venues in the country? High-lights: The historic Fabulous Fox Theater • Killer seats • First time my parents attended a show. Dad’s ears hurt…

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