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“what’s past is prologue”—Bill Shakespeare, The Tempest

/ dec 2010

  1. 12.26.2010 | 2:23 AM EDT

    What is a Journey?
    Protest-Puking on Louis Vuitton’s “Core Values”
    Have you seen this shit? WTF? Let’s spend a lot of time, money and talent reciting a beautifully photographed visual poem that will inspire us all to inject some heart and soul into our miserable, consumer, middle class lives, that some people improve by starting new business, of course this sometimes need capital, but taking…

  2. 12.25.2010 | 11:23 PM EDT

    Bangin’ Nancy Shoots Me Down. Bang, Bang. This song slays me. I musta listened to this track a hundred times today. Perfect for family gatherings and holiday cheer. Bang Bang

  3. 12.07.2010 | 4:23 PM EDT

    Cruel and Perfect Timing: The Antler’s Hospice Strange how some records seem to find you at just the right moment. The Antler’s Hospice has been sitting on my digital shelf for over a year, neglected under the gigabyte shadow of record stacks waiting to be absorbed, appreciated or discarded. For no fathomable reason, I recently popped it on to discover a musically exhilarating,…

  4. 12.03.2010 | 10:23 AM EDT

    Discography Divorce: You Can Have All The
    Billy Joels. Except The Stranger
    Alec: I’m sick Leslie: What’s wrong? Alec: Just sickness For many that came of age in the 80′s, a double-feature both scathing and saccharine ran concurrently in our teenage minds. Each spoke directly to our youth’s romantic angst. The first, The Breakfast Club, is unassailable by any critic worth his salt. The second, not s...

  5. 12.01.2010 | 1:23 PM EDT

    Weather Report: Dead Vines, Empty Blinds.
    Windy, Wet and Cold
    iPhone 4G + CameraBag | ©maunet.com Summer’s bright green ivy vines shade my naked window panes Natural blinds from prying neighbor’s eyes Autumn charrs the sky, burning dying leaves a brilliant red Wind and rain and wet and cold strips these naked panes, scarred and etched with brittle vines. Voyeurs, take one last long look,…

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