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/ jan 2011

  1. 01.27.2011 | 9:23 AM EDT

    Weather Report:
    Sparkling Couple Visits Brooklyn. Again
    Canon G11 | 1/250 f 2.8 Looks like Wednesday’s Half-Foot winter guest found its soul mate in the form of another Dashing 7″ last night. Get your minds out of the gutter. Pure and sparkling...

  2. 01.26.2011 | 8:23 AM EDT

    Weather Report: Bushy Brooklyn Flakes Canon G11 | 1/15 f 4.5 Third time since Christmas Brooklyn’s gettin’ slammed with snow. Actually got my ass out of bed before 8 A.M. to feel the thick, bushy flakes on my face. Visibility...

/ oct 2010

  1. 10.27.2010 | 5:23 EDT

    Weather Report: She’s A Rainbow iPhone 4G + CameraBag | © maunet.com After hours of Brooklyn rain, a colorful reprieve courtesy of the biggest rainbow I’ve ever seen. A brief glimpse of light in an otherwise dark and stormy m...

/ mar 2010

  1. 03.13.2010 | 7:23 EDT

    Secret Meeting, Pt. 2:
    The National’s High Violet Live
    This is gonna be short ’cause I wanna spend some time thinking about last night’s killer opening act Buke + Gass, (scroll down). The National’s second night at The Bell House treated...

  2. 03.13.2010 | 6:23 PM EDT

    Beautiful Noise: Brooklyn’s Buke + Gass Describing a creative act as “interesting” is often a polite way of calling it “tedious.” So very not so in the case of last night’s opening act for The National’s ...

  3. 03.12.2010 | 12:23 PM EDT

    Secret Meeting Pt.1:
    The National Road Test High Violet
    Poised to release their followup to Boxer, The National gathered a few hundred friends, family and music press last night for the first of an intimate two-night stint at Bell House in Gowanus, Brookly...

/ feb 2010

  1. 02.26.2010 | 10:23 EDT

    Weather Report: G11′s Long Exposure to Snow G11 | ISO 80 | focal 6.1mm |  15 sec. exposure@ f 3.2 Another few inches of snow last night. Perfect opportunity to finally test long exposure results on the Canon G11. Very pleasantly surprised: vi...

  2. 02.25.2010 | 12:23 PM EDT

    Weather Report: Bklyn Skies Heavy With Snow Canon G11 | ISO 200 | 30mm focal | 640th sec at f 4.5 | post-processing in Lightroom 2 | © maunet Fat, thick, wet flakes. Not the best light for photog, great light for Nick Drake on repeat. Seems it...

/ nov 2009

  1. 11.23.2009 | 4:23 EDT

    Weather Report:
    Just Another Lovely Day In Brooklyn.
    Those ‘ole

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