/ Capote

/ feb 2010

  1. 02.07.2010 | 4:23 AM EDT

    Blogging: That’s not writing. That’s typing. If we work on the assumption that Truman Capote’s charming reduction of Kerouak’s amphetamine-driven drivel is accurate, then blogging is certainly an easy target for comparable derision. It’...

/ dec 2009

  1. 12.27.2009 | 4:23 EDT

    Marble Tea + Maunet:
    The Marble Sleeve Covers
    We all know and love Sir Knight Berman’s prolific charm as a pop craftsman. Ok maybe not all of you, so pay attention… If Calvin & Hobbes hosted a tea party for Truman Capote, J.D. Sal...

/ nov 2009

  1. 11.21.2009 | 4:23 EDT

    Why Don’t You Finish What You Start! As a fairly dutiful reader, I tend to follow one rule: Give the book a 50-page chance at grabbing your attention. If it does, commit. Finish the damn thing, even if the deciding early pages prove to b...

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