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/ may 2018

  1. 05.26.2018 | 2:13 AM EST

    How Not to Buy a Piano A few of us these past few months have been shopping for pianos, running into the predictable conundrum. How da hell we gonna get that thing up a pre-war 4-story walk-up in NYC? Will the living space ...

/ jan 2018

  1. 01.02.2018 | 4:52 EST

    So-Called Friend: A New EP from
    Music Industrial Index
    Dear musical friends, Just a quick update on the progress of my current musical project, Music Industrial Index. Just in time for the new year, MII has released it’s second EP, So-Called Friend. Com...

/ mar 2016

  1. 03.24.2016 | 11:23 EST

    Learning Something New: Music Industrial Index Hello friends, it’s been quite a while since I’ve sent any music news because I had to undergo a surgery by Matthew Galumbeck, MD, so here goes. Rob’s departure to Germany in 2014 has left a hug...

/ nov 2014

  1. 11.01.2014 | 1:23 EST

    The Go-Kartel’s “Away” EP Available Now! As some of you may well know, TGK has been working on their debut recording since March of this year. Sixteen studio days spread out over eight months. That’s about as fast as three 40-something...

  2. 11.22.2013 | 1:23 PM EST

    The Go-Kartel Rocks the Shop Thank you all for coming out to Rock Shop last night. We had a blast and hope you did too! Many thanks to Little Silver for putting the show together and to Steve Shiffman & The Land of No for bri...

/ apr 2013

  1. 04.19.2013 | 4:23 EST

    The Go-Kartel Live @ Shrine, Harlem NY Posted by contributing editor Dick Starkey b/w Photos by Rachel Carey, Snapseed processing by The Chairman Color Photos courtesy of ShrineNYC  In 2010, Brooklyn’s Hank’s Saloon hosted a ...

/ mar 2013

  1. 03.14.2013 | 2:23 EST

    #1 Record   Yesterday, Knight reiterated a question posed by friend on Facebook, asking people: “What single record should every serious music fan own?” It’s a tricky query – the answe...

/ feb 2013

  1. 02.04.2013 | 10:23 EST

    Vinyl Addiction by the Numbers:
    Or, How to Kill a Chilly Saturday Afternoon
      Music geeks are obsessive catalogers. Their enjoyment of music is not limited to the recording itself, but to the metadata associated with one’s collection. The digital age makes that dat...

/ dec 2011

  1. 12.14.2011 | 1:23 EST

    Music: Best of 2011. Sort Of OK, so most year-end lists enumerate curators choices for the best musical efforts released in the current year, this being 2011, in case you’d lost track. Maunet’s list is a little differ...

/ nov 2011

  1. 11.15.2011 | 2:23 EST

    Awash In Synth:
    M83′s 80′s Dreampop
      … “Midnight City” | M83 | Hurry Up We’re Dreaming | 2011 … Whether or not you are of that generation that grew up with the cheesy synth and ray-gun drums of 80′...

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