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/ aug 2010

  1. 08.20.2010 | 9:23 PM EDT

    Mix Tape: Empire Blues Vol. 5 …chapter five in a maudlin series of sad bastard music for half-broken New Yorkers. “The making of a great compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do and takes ages longer than it might...

/ mar 2010

  1. 03.31.2010 | 1:23 EDT

    Weather Report: Boston Blows Sorry Beantown, but I’ve never been a fan of your environs. Even less when a business meeting demands a 5AM rising for a same-day round-trip train ride from New York. Lesser still when it’...

  2. 03.17.2010 | 10:23 PM EDT

    Big Star Fades to Black: Alex Chilton R.I.P UPDATE: Extremely cool that today on C-Span, during Health Care Bill deliberations, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi granted Tennessee House of Representatives Steve Cohen (D) one minute to pay trib...

/ feb 2010

  1. 02.15.2010 | 12:23 EDT

    Weather Report:
    Another Grey Day in Ithaca, For a Change
    iPhone + CameraBag | © maunet.com In this case, Every Day is Like Monday, every Ithaca winter is silent and grey. Morrissey in heavy rotation. Hard time putting nose to grindstone. Photog: iPhone + C...

/ nov 2009

  1. 11.26.2009 | 4:23 EDT

    Harry Nilsson Turns a Chump Into a Champ Couple of days ago, after weeks of listening to nothing but Post Punk records by Gang of Four and Adam Ant, I found myself in a singer/songwriter state of mind. But not for any of that precious Bon Iv...

  2. 11.23.2009 | 4:23 AM EDT

    Weather Report:
    Just Another Lovely Day In Brooklyn.
    Those ‘ole

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