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/ oct 2010

  1. 10.21.2010 | 2:23 PM EDT

    The National New Video:
    Terrible Love Alternate Version
    I hate music videos. I want songs to render visions and narrative of my own divising, not be force-fed pre-conceived stories that are generally artsy pretensions trying too hard to make a point. Not t...

  2. 10.07.2010 | 6:23 PM EDT

    Play It Pretty for Atlanta:
    The National Live @ The Fabulous Fox Theater
    iPhone 4G + CameraBag Flew to my home town last weekend to visit family and friends, and lo and behold, who happens to be playing at one the most historic, stunning venues in the country? High-lights:...

/ may 2010

  1. 05.12.2010 | 11:23 EDT

    Purple Prose for High Violet Terrible Love For the suburban teen, October is by far the cruelest month. Summer’s memory still lingers as the full force of winter fast approaches. Daylight Savings Time darkens the damp walk home...

  2. 05.10.2010 | 7:23 PM EDT

    Paris. Pavement. OMFG. This slideshow includes an audio track. If you have a boss or sleeping baby, mute your speakers or else you may cause them hypersomnia. Otherwise, crank it up! Matt, Scott and I were infants when the...

  3. 05.06.2010 | 8:23 AM EDT

    The National
    High Violet Tour 2010 Day 1: London
    The whirlwind three-city, four day tour begins, leaving JFK 10PM Tuesday night, arriving London Heathrow 9:30AM the next day. 3 hours sleep. 8 hours on a cramped plane seat, several train rides and a ...

/ apr 2010

  1. 04.24.2010 | 10:23 EDT

    Keep It Simple, Stupid: A Response to Reader
    Comments on The New York Time’s article
    “The National Agenda”
    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. And there’s no accounting for taste when it comes to something like pop music. I could easily be accused of bias and puckering up to The National lads’ ...

  2. 04.14.2010 | 11:23 AM EDT

    Hard Body: New Nikon D300s Prompts a Trip
    Down Memory Lane – 1976-2010
    I Turn My Camera On Last week I finally made the jump from pro-sumer gear to a mid-level pro rig with the bad-ass Nikon D300s, a 12 megapixel monster boasting a Magnesium body, impressive 8 frames per...

/ mar 2010

  1. 03.13.2010 | 7:23 EDT

    Secret Meeting, Pt. 2:
    The National’s High Violet Live
    This is gonna be short ’cause I wanna spend some time thinking about last night’s killer opening act Buke + Gass, (scroll down). The National’s second night at The Bell House treated...

  2. 03.12.2010 | 12:23 PM EDT

    Secret Meeting Pt.1:
    The National Road Test High Violet
    Poised to release their followup to Boxer, The National gathered a few hundred friends, family and music press last night for the first of an intimate two-night stint at Bell House in Gowanus, Brookly...

  3. 03.11.2010 | 3:23 PM EDT

    Practice Pad: Mistaken For Strangers This post needs little embellishment. Suffice to say, this kid is an inspiration to drummers and National fans as she pretty much nails the complex sticking patterns of Bryan Devendorf’s remarka...

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