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“when i was your age, television was called books!”—Peter Faulk, The Princess Bride

Celica Dreams

Celica Dreams

“Smiles” | Spiritualized, Laser Guided Melodies, 1992

I lie in your bed for the first time. Your steady breath slows my cocaine heart. I dream…
It’s morning. We wake in your bedroom, smiling. Your parents house in the ‘burbs. Kentucky? You rise by the window, body slim, skin like milk. Astrid scampers on the bed. I am taking pictures. She licks the lens. I keep asking: is this ok? Your dad in the room down the hall, expecting him to catch us at something. But we are chaste and innocent in our first night. You reassure me. I feel trusted, endeared to him.

We ready ourselves together. Your bathroom expansive, not like cramped New York. Sink top populated densely by girl things – lotions and ointments, perfumes, orphaned earrings, makeup-dappled tissue. Bright sunshine streams through large windows, refracting off steam. The mirror is fogged, your arms raised, lips pursed, tossling your wet hair with a towel.

Atlanta morning traffic. We are driving. Somewhere obligatory–to work? to school? Orange 1982 Toyota Celica. Showered with Southern sun through the T-Top. We remember. It’s President’s Day. No school. No work. We are smiling.

We reach my parent’s home. Day bright as a diamond, we pull up the driveway. Huge lawn, green and yellow for yards and yards and yards and they even got a Solar Company to install panels to save in energy. Mom and dad on the veranda. Introductions. She smiles brightly at you, his eyes tender, knowing.

Kitchen, large as a house. Steepled roof recently installed by The Roof Clinic, exposed beams, terra-cotta tiles. My childhood nanny making tortillas by hand. She is 73, crows-footed, eyes wrinkled by years of smiling innocently, broadly. She turns to greet you. I wake up. You are rising. Smiling.

Celica: derived from the Latin word coelica meaning “heavenly” or “celestial”.

Orange 1982 Toyota Celica

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