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Windows 7: Apple’s Idea. Shocker!

Have you seen these ridiculous adverts for Windows 7? I know us Mac geeks are wont to take any shot we can at our old nemesis, but this one is a slam dunk.

Pretty girl in bad British accent revels in the fact that W7 now has a “new task bar…Now I can see everything I have open!”

Wow! Revolutionary! How did we ever get along without this new feature? Well, 10 years ago we all got Mac OS X. That’s how.

I’ve spent an hour or so on W7 (I feel so dirty) and it is an improvement from XP and Vista (a monkee could have improved those). But as always, those improvements were pilfered from functionality that’s been native to the Mac OS for 10 years.

Apparently some illustrious souls have shot back at these ads with pretty much the same sentiment. Cheerio, chaps! Suck it, Windows!

  1. Tuesday 03.23.2010 | 5:53 EDT

    KBJr says:

    Yeah, those ads make me laugh. Every single feature is something we Mac users have had for years, as you say. Also entertaining is how the people in the ads become sexy ‘models’ in their remembrances of how they came up with the idea….

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