Marble Tea + Maunet:
The Marble Sleeve Covers

We all know and love Sir Knight Berman’s prolific charm as a pop craftsman. Ok maybe not all of you, so pay attention…

If Calvin & Hobbes hosted a tea party for Truman Capote, J.D. Salinger, Richard Brautigan, Willy Wonka, Stephin Merritt, The Jazz Butcher and Sir Lawrence of Felt, they’d likely sip just enough of the magic tea to come up with marble’s own brand of be-bop-a-loo-pop.

Each month, Berman gifts the internet with tuneful tales of whimsy populated by cats and girls, Batman and rain, chocolate and nicotine and the pain of being pure at heart. Twelve months later, the MT’s inner circle receives a limited edition compilation of those tracks….something we lovingly package as a Marble Sleeve Cover.

It works like this: The BrothersQuote (a moniker bestowed upon us 20 years ago by a dangerously cute fille we both courted, unsuccessfully) sit in the Garçonerie, smoke and talk pop, snicker, giggle and scheme to come up with the next Greatest Idea for an Album Sleeve Ever. Taking a cue from Bowie’s croon for Zimmerman’s sand and glue, we shoot in Brooklyn in 2001 and on the New Jersey Shore in 2005 to produce the gleeful silliness of A Case of the Tea and Jersey Shoreline.

Next year, Berman will don a jet-black punk-rock wig and loosen his tie for maunet’s shot at Patti Smith, Horses. In the meantime, pay Mr. Berman a visit at

The Marble Sleeve Covers: A Case of the Tea/Jersey Shoreline