Photog: Viva Central Mexico!

iPhone 4S + CameraBag & CameraPlus

A 30-minute taxi cab. A five-hour flight to Mexico City. A three-hour bus ride to Queretaro. A one-hour car ride to San Miguel De Allende. Finally I arrive at my destination in Central Mexico, an old artists colony known for its narrow, hilly cobble stone streets and colorful ancient architecture. A couple of other day trips to Guanajuato and Los Posos complete the trip, then I turn back around and do that 14-hour trip back to Brooklyn, exhausted but exhilarated by the lively Mexican culture, delicious food and unparalleled hospitality.

I left my heavy Nikon rig at home (who wants to lug that around for 14 hours) and took only my iPhone and Canon G11. Guess what, I left the G11 at our beautiful house in SMA the whole time, opting for iPhone + on-board camera apps to capture the stunning scenery we were treated to throughout our 4-day trip.

So here it is, a sample of Central Mexico as seen through the iPhone 4S.

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And, you can watch this darlin’ video of baby billygoats: