Weather Report: Grey Summer Skies

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“Blue Turning Grey” | Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! | 2005

It’s not one hour past noon and the light in the apartment recalls the end of a 4PM winter day. Flat grey light shrouds the neighborhood, a cool wind belies the memory of glorious sunny summer days past.

It’s not a day for the blues. Rather, a purgatory between the light and the dark, the uplifting thought or disheartening moment. Short bursts of light rain punctuate these inert moments with an activity non-committal. Not the best climate for productive work or deep inner ponderances. Let the sun break free, or at the very least, bring on the violent thunderstorms promised by fallibly prescient weathermen. Get it right, gentlemen, that we may prepare for t-shirts or umbrellas, laughter or bitter tears…