Weather Report: Shadows and Tall Trees

Shadows and Tall Trees

“Shadows & Tall Trees” | U2, Boy, 1980

Yep, there’s been a lot of reporting on Brooklyn climate last couple days, only cause the weather has been positively kinetic, changing drastically every 24 hours. Last night we were pounded by lightning, pelted with rain, positively ripped from our hinges by gusting wind.

Tonight, it’s a beautiful sunset over Riverside Park on the Upper West Side. The trees are stark against a radiant sinking sun, making long black shadows across the park path. I’m wearing a light jacket for the first time this season, and walking feels light and free as I do vertical leaps to touch the top of the green residential awnings typical of this moneyed neighborhood.

I typically think of the title track to this post as a winter lament but, clever bastard that I am, it works so well I just couldn’t help myself.Cheers.