Weather Report:
Sparkling Couple Visits Brooklyn. Again

Weather Report Brooklyn Jan 27 | maunet
Canon G11 | 1/250 f 2.8

Looks like Wednesday’s Half-Foot winter guest found its soul mate in the form of another Dashing 7″ last night. Get your minds out of the gutter. Pure and sparkling couple, they are.

The morning sun broke through early to warm the cold white pelt of our streets and rooftops, making them sparkle and shine like, like what… diamonds? Silver Dollars? A gansta’s teeth? I dunno—help me out here and pick a good original metaphor. Tap-dancing could be heard as melting ice pock-marked our cold winter blanket.

Next on tap: Thigh-deep carbon-grey slush on every corner. Better get your boots on…

I AM Kloot | “Sunlight Hits the Snow”