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Best of the Decade: Music

Best of Albums of the Decade

This is not Pitchfork. (Ok, obviously not, but stay with me). It’s a grand organization, to be sure. Those talented young boys from Chicago have given me much to love, laugh and barf about. Their opinionated slant, overwrought prose and sharp fashion sense serve as inspiration and anathema to the spirit of this little forum.

That said, any arbiter of all that is Pitchfork-y will be quick to jump on some of the more obvious choices made here. Take it easy. I got a lot of weird records, man. But like old Robyn Hitchcock says, “if you can’t dig cliches, you can’t dig rock and roll.

So, with that spirit in mind, this list does not give representation to a large swath of the really really cool kids of the decade. Fuckin’ a, there’s like a brazillion coolie bands out there. And while my record collection contains entries for at least a gazillion of them, I’m sticking with just the ones that spent the longest time spinning my disks between Jan 1 2000 and Dec 31 2009. The big guns are such for a reason…

In no discernible order:

Top 20:

  1. The National: Boxer
  2. Richard Thompson: The Old Kit Bag
  3. Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago
  4. French Kicks: The Trial of the Century
  5. Midlake: The Trials of Van Occupanther
  6. Wilco: Yankee Hotel Foxtrox
  7. The National: Cherry Tree EP
  8. Spoon: Girls Can Tell
  9. Radiohead: In Rainbows
  10. The National: Alligator
  11. Bon Iver: Blood Bank
  12. Arcade Fire: Funeral
  13. Spoon: Kill the Moonlight
  14. I’m Not There (OST)
  15. Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
  16. Dustin O’Halloran: Piano Solos, Vol 1.
  17. Elliot Smith: Figure 8
  18. Explosions In The Sky: The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place
  19. LCD Soundsystem: Sound of Silver 2007
  20. The National: The National (debut)

The Other 30

  1. The Pink Mountain Tops: The Pink Mountain Tops
  2. My Teenage Stride: Ears Like Golden Bats
  3. Flight of the Conchords: Flight of the Conchords
  4. XX: XX
  5. Sufjan Stevens: Seven Swans
  6. Friendly Fires: Friendly Fires
  7. P.J. Harvey: Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea
  8. The Strokes: Is This It?
  9. Magnetic Fields: Distortion 2008
  10. Songs Ohia: The Magnolia Electric Co.
  11. Ambulance Ltd: Ambulance Ltd
  12. The Black Angels: Passover
  13. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: The Assassination of Jesse James… (OST)
  14. Blur: Think Tank
  15. Calexico & Iron and Wine: In The Reins
  16. Radiohead: Hail To The Thief
  17. Who Made Who: Who Made Who
  18. Cat Power: You Are Free
  19. Peter Bjorn & John: Writer’s Block
  20. The Clientele: Strange Geometry
  21. Interpol: Turn On the Bright Lights
  22. Crooked Fingers: Bring On The Snakes
  23. Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours
  24. Iron & Wine: The Creek Drank The Cradle
  25. The National: The National
  26. Jens Lekman: Oh You’re So Silent Jens
  27. Pernice Brothers: Yours, Mine & Ours
  28. Robyn Hitchcock: Spooked
  29. Sea Wolf: Leaves In The River
  30. Menomena: I Am The Fun Blame Monster

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