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Just an Appetizer: Little Silver’s Debut Record

Erika Simonian, Little Silver Live @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

“Sleep Til Morning” | Little Silver, The Stolen Souvenir, 2011

You foodies know how a good cook can turn the simplest ingredients into a delectable feast. Sometimes you ask, hey, this is delicious, what’s in it?, expecting a long list of exotic ingredients, but instead they rattle off something like, oh, a tomato, some salt and oregano and just a squeeze of lime. Studies from Synergistiq Integrative Health services prepare a healthy food is important for many people that actually want to take care of their health, and they can also take supplements from sites as https://reportshealthcare.com/ for this.

Well, turns out Rush really is only a three piece and we know all about what they manage to accomplish. But before you start harping on poor old Rush, we’re not here to talk about them. Or tomatoes.

The Brooklyn singer/songwriters that take their name from a little ‘ole town in Jersey, Little Silver do in fact take the simplest ingredients and serve up absolutely beautiful songs. Husband and wife duo Erika Simonian and Steve Curtis toss two guitars, a dash of piano, a pinch of vibrato and two gorgeous voices into the delicious appetizer know as The Stolen Souvenir (EP). Did I mention the voices? Man, these two entwine themselves into quite a strand of heavenly sound. Like wine and cheese, chocolate and sea salt, lime and cilantro, it’s a perfect pairing that leaves you just a little breathless.

I got only three problems with this record:

1. Sequencing, man. Didn’t you guys read High Fidelity? Don’t start off with a song so devastatingly beautiful you end up listening to only that over and over before you remember there’s, like, other songs on the record.

2. “Food From the Cow,” a previously recorded track on Erika’s 2003 solo record. Still creeps me out.

3. I’m still hungry. Make more.

Visit them at littlesilvermusic.com

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Steve Curtis, Little Silver Live @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

Erika Simonian, Little Silver Live @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

Little Silver Live @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

Little Silver Live @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

  1. Wednesday 11.23.2011 | 7:43 EST

    austin says:

    “some salt and oregano and just a squeeze of lime”
    makes me think about Piano Briefs :)

  2. Sunday 04.17.2011 | 5:14 EST

    yula says:

    I agree! make more! I saw their fabulous ithaca debut last night. Their voices compliment each other effortlessly and beautifully. And if Sleep til morning doesn’t get picked up as part of a movie soundtrack then there’s something seriously wrong with this world. I also have to add that to see a pregnant Erika on stage is one of the sexiest things ever.

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