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“a film is more like music than like fiction.” —Stanley Kubrik

Say Your Prayers:
Kurt Vile’s God Is Saying This To You

Kurt Vile God Is Saying This To You

Kurt Vile’s 2009 God Is Saying This To You offers everything you could want from lo-fi singer-songwriter laments. Imagine a gathering of Bert Jansch, Neil Young and Bon Iver plucking out ghostly strains haunting dark country woods. Drenched in reverb, Vile’s gritty vocals and and well- pruned guitar arrangements seem to come from somewhere far off, perhaps a distant A.M. radio crackling softly from a neighbor’s front porch. It’s a chilling effect, perfect for a crisp autumn night spent alone on the veranda, sipping bourbon, smoking yourself daft, haunted by the specter of lost loves and friends forgotten.

My Best Friends (Don’t Even Pass This)

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