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Tax Man: The Marble Tea’s Sunny Afternoon


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To quote from How To Get Ahead In Advertising:

No one ever remembers a late delivery. They only remember a bad one.

Well, seeing as this post is one day past due, I guess I better make this one count.

One-man pop dynamo The Marble Tea is beloved here at maunet. As Sir Knight Berman mentions on his blog, the obvious choice to commemorate the most un-sunny day of the year would have been a cover of The Beatles’ “Tax Man”.  Instead, The Tea wisely favors a subtler selection: a faithful cover of The Kink’s “Sunny Afternoon.”

The taxman’s taken all my dough / and left me in my stately home / lazing on a sunny afternoon / and I can’t sail my yacht / he’s taken ev’rything I’ve got / all I’ve got’s this sunny afternoon

Look for this track appearing on the next installment of Undercover. In the meantime, check out Knight’s entertaining writeup at  marbletea.com

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