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Wild at Heart: Black Mountain + Pink Mountain Tops Make Some Seriously Kick Ass Records

Black Mountain + Pink Mountaintops

Their third proper LP, Black Mountain’s Wilderness Heart kicks off with Led Zeppelin keyboard riffs, wailing vocals and blistering guitars. And while previous efforts have likewise worn their influences on their sleeves (the aforementioned Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Deep Purple), this new collection of songs takes further pride in dipping into the well of 70′s rock to deliver a more accessible, melodic record that’s perfect for a summer ride in your favorite vintage convertible. Don’t forget the weed and canned beer.

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Black Mountain has been making records since 2004 as part of the Black Mountain Army, a loose-knit collection of like-minded musicians steeped in psychedelic rock. Led by Stephen McBean, he also fronts the mellower, more instrumental Pink Mountaintops, a sex-obsessed band with a sizable cadre of members that dip into a different well, this time reveling in Velvet Underground, The Stooges and, dare I say it, Bad Company. Add Amber Webber on lead and backing vocals in both incarnations and you’ve got some serious female cred by way of no comparison I can muster. (Amber also leads Lightning Dust along with Pink Mountain Tops’ Joshua Wells, a folkier, moodier outfit drawing from equal parts Fleetwood Mac and Catpower).

I’ve had these bands in heavy, heavy rotation over the past several months, and they are hair-raisingly great (Wolfmother, eat your heat out), even more so when blasted loud on vintage speakers and fresh vinyl. We can’t exactly replicate that here, but here’s a small digital sample.

Got git ‘em, rock kids!


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