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So-Called Friend: A New EP from
Music Industrial Index

Dear musical friends,

Just a quick update on the progress of my current musical project, Music Industrial Index. Just in time for the new year, MII has released it’s second EP, So-Called Friend.

Composed of five tracks, this record came out as an unwitting reflection on friendship, parenthood, cosmic events and existential anxiety. You know, experiences we likely all have in common. It was written, performed and produced by yours truly as I continue my to grow my skills in these disciplines. New musical strides have been made, but as always they are aided and abetted by friends and current/former bandmates.

Strap on those earbuds and crank it up, if you will. And if you are so inclined, feel free to pass this along to your music-loving friends and colleagues:

Thanks for your support. Here’s hoping to turning the tide in 2018.



In this time of Evil Presidentés, this record was written, performed and produced by Mauricio Carey in the office/bedroom, West Midtown ATL/GA, and Wellfleet Cape Cod, MA in April – October 2017, except “So Call Friend,” written by Greg Ratzel, performed in the sadly defunct Ratzel Red Room, North Druid Hills, ATL/GA and produced in the office/bedroom, West Midtown ATL/GA.

Kevin Brady sings lead and harmony vocals on “In for the Night” and “Emily Wandering.”

Mauricio Carey sings lead vocal on “No Way Out” while Rachel Carey and Greg Ratzel sing harmony vocals.

Greg Ratzel sings lead and harmony vocals on “So Called Friend” and plays synths on “Emily Wandering.”

Cover art and photography by Mauricio Carey at c23creative.com

Special thanks to Rob Grover, Kevin Brady and Rachel Carey for lyrical contributions; Greg Ratzel for loop surgery and his 34 year-old friendship; and Knight Berman, Jr. for his ever-patient ear.

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