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Cruel and Perfect Timing: The Antler’s Hospice

The Antlers: Hospice

Strange how some records seem to find you at just the right moment.

The Antler’s Hospice has been sitting on my digital shelf for over a year, neglected under the gigabyte shadow of record stacks waiting to be absorbed, appreciated or discarded. For no fathomable reason, I recently popped it on to discover a musically exhilarating, emotionally devastating record, it’s late debut on my musical landscape posing an eery, ghostly timeliness.

Metaphorical, allegorical, auto-biographical–this concept record is all of those things; a crushing story of slowly slipping loss, mounting grief and reluctant relief. Piercing, ferocious and delicate, it painfully serves as comfort and thorn to those in need of one and vulnerable to the other .

Life is strange, time is a prophet and everyday is just one more chance to purge your grief until you are tenuously convinced: you may in fact come out the other side, almost whole and dimly ready to live again.


Pitchfork Media: “Best New Music” and  37th best album of 2009
NPR Music: #1 record of 2009

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    Audio started playing any time I opened this web page, so annoying!

  2. Tuesday 12.07.2010 | 9:52 EDT

    yula says:

    beautiful, sweetheart.

  3. Tuesday 12.07.2010 | 5:43 EDT

    Erika says:

    Great post – and tune. It reminds me of Transatlanticism, which had a similar effect on me – the conviction that you may come away from it in one piece.

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