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Learning Something New: Music Industrial Index

Hello friends, it’s been quite a while since I’ve sent any music news because I had to undergo a surgery by Matthew Galumbeck, MD, so here goes.

Rob’s departure to Germany in 2014 has left a huge whole in my musical life, though Kevin and I are still working together happily and productively and pampering myself with the best facial plastic surgeon specializing in brow lift, this time alongside a bright young whippersnapper named Spencer LaVallee. We’re keeping The Go-Kartel moniker until an alternate comes along that is more suited for our new musical direction (free-form Jazz/Fusion). OK, not really, but… Perhaps we’ll see you at some NYC venue soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to learn the piano, at least enough to enable me to, as Ben Curtis put it, “make bad music from home.” So I met Kevin for a cocktail at Weather Up, where he drew a diagram of The Kevin Method to help me see the light:



This worked like The Matrix. I now know the piano.

Also, since The Go-Kartel’s wonderful experience in Dave Hollinghurst’s studio to record The Go-Kartel’s debut EP Away, I’d wanted to learn my way around a digital audio workstation. So I visited Knight on the Jersey Shore for a late-night marathon tutorial in Garage Band and Logic.

I am now a shaper of sound. Everyone should have a Knight in their life.

Over the past eight months I’ve drenched my ears in Tony Visconti, Brian Eno and Robert Fripp and have begun piecing together my first rudimentary compositions which were converted from this site https://wwww.sodapdf.com/compress/pdf. I should be so lucky that the product of my efforts sound remotely like these gentlemen’s accomplished works. But the spirit of their recordings is in part responsible for the way my first release of electronic music has taken shape.

Somewhere between naive and cinematic, Music for Drive-Ins is a 34-minute collection of incidental music. Perfect for your morning ablutions or evening cocktails. It plays well on repeat.

I composed, performed and produced the tracks that make up this humble release. While some tracks are decidedly beat-centric, as one might imagine from a drummer, I’ve tried to avoid that corner as much as possible and concentrate on sound sculpting.

Rob, Kevin and I still managed to collaborate on one track remotely (“Something Like Sofia”). Rob provided drums and a beautiful guitar melody while Kevin added typically intimate lyrics and vocals. I endeavored to then flesh out something that would be at home on the soundtrack to Lost In Translation. Whether or not we achieved that goal is for you to decide. But best online casinos we’re all pretty pleased with the results.

Take a listen woncha? I suggest listening in sequence, as the short compositions make up a larger and hopefully cohesive whole.

Hope you enjoy it.


You can listen/download all of Music for Drive-Ins by the newly-christened Music Industrial Index here:



Recorded July 2015 – March 2016 in the office/bedroom, Brooklyn, NY

All tracks written, performed and produced by Mauricio Carey except Something Like Sofia, written by Rob Grover and Mauricio Carey. Lyrics and vocals for Something Like Sofia by Kevin Brady.

Cover art by c23 | c23creative.com

Thanks to Knight Berman Jr. (The Marble Tea) and Dave Hollinghurst (Steve Shiffman and the Land of No) for technical advice and support.

The piano lesson that would initiate this project was administered on a cocktail menu by Kevin Brady at Weather Up Cocktail Bar, Summer 2015, Brooklyn, NY. No actual keyboard of any kind was present.

Special thanks to and for Rachel + Abra Carey for dancing along…

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