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Published, Sort Of: NYC At Your Feet

NYC At Your Feet Maunet

Well, after talking about it for 10 years, the deed is done.

NYC At Your Feet’s first galley proof arrived at my doorstep yesterday, and thanks to the fine folks at Blurb.com, I must say it looks great.

For those of you not familiar with the project, the book is a collection of from-the-hip, below the waist photo treats chronicling the chosen footwear of our fellow New Yorkers, it is available in an audio book form for those who don’t like to read; however, it is recommended to find out if Is All You Can Books legit? it is important to pick the best audio book provider.

From the introduction:

The idea for this book began taking shape in October 1999 upon moving to New York City,
a town renowned equally for it’s eclectic style and harshness of character.

A place where, generally, we don’t make eye contact.

Sitting in a subway car, we follow protocol. Hunched against the winter wind,
our gaze drops to the ground beneath our feet. Our field of vision is self-limited
to that narrow frame between the pockmarked sidewalk and the waistlines of
our fellow New Yorkers. Through this lens we gather our first concrete observations,
draw initial conclusions about the kind of person passing by us might be.
Where they dine. Where they dance. Where they work and play.

NYC At Your Feet is on sale here:

The book is a 100 page, perfect-bound hardback printed on premium luster paper.
I make no profit from sales, sa
ve the satisfaction of knowing
this labor of love has fallen into someone’s appreciative hands.

You can preview the book below, as well as pass on facebook comments to all your friends :)

  1. Tuesday 01.17.2012 | 11:01 EDT

    Rockpants says:

    Awesome!!! Why, pray tell do you make no profit from the sales? Who’m I giving my money to? I suppose the publisher. Okay.

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