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Twirly Girl Gig: What the Client Didn’t Ask For

Twirly Girly Gig

“Let’s Dance” | David Bowie | Let’s Dance | 1983

Have you ever been given a project, understanding full well the needs of the client but gone ahead and mangled the concept into a completely different animal, just ’cause it’s fun? What you end up with is something utterly unusable as far as the client is concered, but are at least left with something to giggle about while you endeavor to properly capture the original concept.

This is one of those cases. While exploring ideas for the cover of Little Silver’s upcoming new EP, entitled Dress-Up, several solid photographic candidates were presented and well received. But late one night, armed with more than a few gin and tonics and a 8fps Nikon, you tipsily decide to explore another direction entirely and come up with this. A concept and feel for an album cover that is clearly not suited for the client’s beautifully understated acoustic recordings of, among other tracks, a lamenting cover of The Cure’s “Picture’s of You,” a somber pick and pluck rendition of Chris Whitley’s “Dirt Floor” and a dust bowl take on Sun Kil Moon’s “Salvador Sanchez.” They’re “dressing up”, see?

The client, the lovely and talented singer-songwriter team Erika Simonian and Steve Curtis, gleefully complimented the concept then gracefully put the kibosh on it for obvious reasons. You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows. It’s simply too retro-perky for the music it’s meant to represent. But we had our fun and are now back on track with something much more suitable. For posterity, we present the errant concept here. Enjoy. And while you’re at it, check out Little Silver’s official site here….

Twirly Girly Gig 2

Little Silver Dress-Up EP


  1. Friday 11.18.2011 | 11:33 EST

    colorshock says:

    fantastic, mau! i’m totally smitten. and totally jealous of your model’s sweet ass! so fun.

  2. Friday 11.11.2011 | 9:22 EST

    crispo says:

    Splendid! Great stuff Mau. As you can see, you have inspired me…

  3. Wednesday 11.09.2011 | 10:00 EST

    kph says:

    Dyin’ to know who that ass belongs to.

  4. Wednesday 11.09.2011 | 5:48 EST

    Rockpants says:

    Cracking me up, you!

  5. Wednesday 11.09.2011 | 5:18 EST

    Steve says:

    Totally makes me want to start another band and record another cover album and steal the title from Little Silver and use these shots. They’re really so good!

  6. Wednesday 11.09.2011 | 5:01 EST

    Rob says:

    Or: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EXXZVdUJ98

    Love the overlapping animation.

  7. Wednesday 11.09.2011 | 4:31 EST

    KBJr says:

    Put on your red shoes and dance the blues! Interesting to see how a client project led to your lovely tangent.

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