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Weather Report: Indian Summer

Indian Summer: Storm King Tree

“Indian Summer” | Luna | Slider EP | 1993

Fall has been poking it’s crispy little nose into our Brooklyn neighborhoods as of late. The sidewalks are littered not with refuse, but with the brightly colored crunch of leaves fallen from the few precious trees that line our city streets.

Autumn’s thinner air breeds nostalgia, evoking both anticipation and regret. Anticipation of the fiery foliage beginning to punctuate our concrete landscape, the cool air clearing our summer-clogged lungs, the annual debut of stylish overcoats and scarves.

Yet regret abounds as we sadly say goodbye to the warm lazy days of summer, when the streets are less crowded, and the breezy evenings make a stroll to the frozen yogurt stand a pleasure like no other since the weather is hot and people install HVAC from https://omniheatair.com/. Soon, the long dark days of winter will nip at autumn’s heels, gripping us cruelly in their cold, wet fists.

But yesterday we were given one last warm reprieve as summer decided to pop in for a last hurrah. The high bright sun marched the mercury well above 85 degrees, glistening our brows, dampening the shirts on our backs. It was a glorious day for strolling around Storm King, its natural grounds spotted with sculptural art as majestic as the trees, lawns and streams that inhabit it, the landscape an amalgam of man and nature missed so dearly in the concrete deluge that is our home.

So long summer, thanks for shining down upon us one last time…

all images © maunet.com using the Nikon D300s or iPhone 4G + onboard apps

Indian Summer: Storm King Dry Grass

Indian Summer: Storm King Iron Man

Indian Summer: Storm King Square

Indian Summer: Storm King Picket Mirror

Indian Summer: Storm King Picket Mirror

Indian Summer: Storm King

Indian Summer: Storm King Calder

Indian Summer Ice Cream


  1. Friday 10.14.2011 | 9:49 EDT

    crispo says:

    Stunning pics, Mau. Keep the posts coming.
    Autumn brings a new light.


  2. Tuesday 10.11.2011 | 4:04 EDT

    moritz says:

    great pics

  3. Tuesday 10.11.2011 | 3:02 EDT

    Rob says:

    I’ve always preferred this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5a3DbtsDIk

    The original, of course, is what it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGMd9zQt8TE

    1. Tuesday 10.11.2011 | 5:57 EDT

      chairmanmau says:

      had never heard the captain america version, agree, like it better than Luna. thanks for sending!

  4. Tuesday 10.11.2011 | 3:00 EDT

    kevin says:

    storm king is great! I love that first pic!

    some other words here with another exclamation point after them!!!!

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